The darts scoring app for iOS.

Dart Meister takes the hassle out of scoring darts and helps beginners learn to play! The innovative input system is a joy to use. Just tap in your throws on the Dart Keyboard and Dart Meister calculates the score for you. Tap a number to score a single. Tap and drag toward the center to score a double or triple. Beginners will appreciate that misses don't need to be entered :)

Dart Meister only allows valid throws to be entered. Not only does this help beginners learn the game (and yes, game rules are also provided), but it helps prevent errors. But if you do make a mistake, simply tap on a throw to remove it (much easier than the unwieldy undo system in other apps). This even works for past rounds in the history view! No other dart scorer can do this.

Feature Highlights

  • Score Cricket, x01 & Shanghai
  • Up to 4 players or teams
  • Numerous game options
  • Best throw entry system available
  • Highlight where to throw and score
  • Visualize throws & calculations
  • Novice or expert out advice (x01)
  • Game stats (points per round. etc.)
  • Spacious full screen scoreboard
  • Game rules & app tutorial
  • Saved games, players and teams

Cricket Options

  • Standard, cut-throat or no points

x01 Options

  • Starting score: 101 to 5001
  • Double in or straight in
  • Double out or straight out
  • Novice or expert check out advice

Shanghai Options

  • Starting number: 1 to 20
  • Number of rounds: 1 to 21
  • Double or triple out